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Hiring a Skip – FAQs

see the answers to the most common skip related questions below!

It’s not just a case of how much waste you have! You also need to consider how much room you have on your site and will then need to think about the type of waste you will be disposing of. For example if the waste is heavy (e.g. soil/brick/rubble) then you will be restricted as to how large a skip you can have. When only a single skip is expected, we strongly believe that it’s better to hire a skip that you may not quite fill, as opposed to ordering a skip which ends up being too small meaning a second skip is then required as a result.

In other words it’s better to overestimate than underestimate –click here for help choosing the appropriate skip size for your requirements

When filling a skip it can only be loaded to the height of the actual skip itself.

It is important that you (or your site foreman and operatives) are aware of this as it is actually against the law for drivers to carry over loaded skips on the highways. Likewise, using boards around the skip in an attempt to increase it’s capacity (known in the trade as greedy boards) is illegal.

If a driver arrives on site to find an overloaded skip they are likely to turn away and leave without the skip, thus potentially incurring additional transport charges.

Strictly speaking the maximum hire period is 10 days but as a general rule we don’t like to impose restricted hire periods.

Of course should your site be an ongoing one where numerous skips are required and exchanged on a regular basis then there is nothing to worry about. If however, you require a skip that is likely to be needed for more than 10 days without exchanges, we request you inform us at the time of ordering as occasionally a weekly rental charge may be applicable.

In short…. YES.

Depending on the road type (and any local traffic restrictions) an application for a highways permit will need to be made to the local council in order to site your skip on the road (or verge) in front of your property. In the vast majority of cases we are able to do this on your behalf. Unfortunately there is usually an additional charge to apply for this and the amount charged together with the number of working days needed for the application does vary from council to council.

Please also be aware that as the hirer of the skip it is your responsibility to ensure that it is lit and coned for the duration of the hire period.

A standard skip or roll-on-off vehicle usually requires a minimum of 10ft (3.3m) width and approximately 13ft (4m) headroom to safely gain access to a site. If your site access falls a little below these requirements we are able to (in most areas) arrange for smaller skips (depending on waste type) to be delivered on smaller lorries.

If you are in any doubt about the access to your sites, we are here to help, so just ask!

Though we usually can arrange for the safe and legal disposal of any type of waste you may have, there are certain types of waste that cannot be placed in general waste skips under any circumstances.

Examples of waste types that CANNOT be placed in your skip include: 

asbestos, cement fibre board/other fibrous products, plasterboard, carpets & vinyl floor coverings, paint tins (full, partially full or empty), artificial turf, contaminated soils (eg. with kerosene), electrical items (WEEE) including fridges/freezers, mattresses, tree stumps and roots, batteries, tyres, gas cylinders, aerosols & pressurised containers, resins & adhesives, food waste, clinical waste (eg. nappies, sanitary products, syringes), fluorescent light tubes, corrosive substances, liquids & chemicals.

Please be aware that this list is for guidance only and not exhaustive. If you have any doubts about the waste you are disposing of, please contact us!  Additionally if you DO have any waste type listed above then please proceed to submit a quotation request as we may still be able to arrange the disposal for you!

… need more advice or have further questions?

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